Welcome to Core Attire Fashion & Art Apparels.

We are currently the strongest woven and knit garments exporter from Bangladesh and engaged in the trade since 2000. Our currently yearly turn over is US$50 million. We export our quality garment products to many internationally reputed buyers/importers and departmental chain stores (USA, Canada, EU and African markets.

Core Attire
18 Years of Experience

The Substantial institutional knowledge & business experience in the export business ensures hassle free shipments and clearances by the authorities.

We present an exclusively attractive quality for all the woven and knit oriented accessories and garments. Our year long manufacturing experiences enables us to manufacture a variety of ranges in woven fabrics and garments. The design and workmanship ranges from the most intricate to an extremely subtle designs to suit the varied tests across the globe.  Significant value additions are made to the garments by our creativity and resolution to excel furthermore.

Why choose us?
Our technology

The technology implemented in the processing and manufacture of the end products has been integrated in the most professional manner so that quality standards are not compromised & they meet global standards and customer expectations.

Industry expertise

We have 20 quality expertise. They follow from cutting to pack a quality with assurance. We are able to keep the quality at a high standard, maintaining by this group of qualified expertise both in fabric and garment plant.

Top leaders

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We believe in continuous improvement in the product processing and being cost effective with top innovations possible and achieving total buyer satisfaction

Manufacturing units

We have over 15 and more counting sales partners everyday with best manufacturing capacity in the market right now and we mean it.

Certified product

The proper quality assurance regimes we have developed and implemented, guarantees that all our garments are manufactured to consistently high standards.

Our Mission

We believe our first responsibility is to our buyers and end consumers who use our products. It is paramount that we ensure the highest quality to meet their needs. As a production-oriented business, we also need to maintain competitive prices through cost reduction. Clients should always receive their desired order on time and we will always continue to maintain relationship with them.

We are responsible to our suppliers of raw materials, machineries, and chemicals who have consistently supported us over the years. We will build lasting relationship with them through best business practices. We must also collaborate with them to find innovative, cost effective and environment-friendly solutions.

We are responsible to the employees who have worked diligently to take us to a commanding position in the industry. Compensation should be competitive and fair, and working condition healthy and safe. Worker safety is a top concern for us, and we will never compromise their safety under any circumstances. We will also ensure human development through meeting all their training needs.

We are responsible to the communities in which we dwell. We are responsible for the impact our operation has on nature and it is our duty to reduce our footprint through the use of environmentally friendly practices. We will pay all taxes and fees in a timely manner. We should also improve living standards of the people surrounding our business through charity and volunteering.

Our final responsibility is to our owners. Business should generate profit, but not by sacrificing ethics. We must always encourage new ideas and innovative programs. We will continue to purchase state-of-the-art machinery that will enable us to become more efficient and reliable.

Our products have been exported to more than 7 countries frequently, such as the USA, Canada, Poland, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Japan.